"Jody McColman ... bring[s] the audience along with him."
     ~Steve Feeney, Portland Press Herald - Sept. 13, 2010

"Jody McColman was not on stage nearly enough, however brought well-defined character choices to his role and provided  a strong support to the play."

     ~MIchael J. Tobin, Portland Daily Sun - Jan. 19, 2012

"Jody McColman ... is remarkable ... solid ... authentic and laugh-out-loud funny."
    ~Jeanne McCartin, Portsmouth Herald - Aug. 23, 2012

"A special dinner theater presentation by Jody McColman of Frank Capra’s 'It’s A Wonderful Life' ... which was fabulously entertaining."
    ~ George and Linda Smith, Travelin' Maine(rs),

       Kennebec Journal - March 14, 2013

"McColman is endearing, bringing a nerdy exuberance to the role."
    ~ April Boyle, Portland Press Herald - Jan.19, 2014

"Guirgis’s daring third-act monologue, by an everyman juror (Jody McColman) is pitched so carefully, so obliquely, that its force transcends its leap."

    ~ Megan Grumbling, Portland Phoenix - March 27, 2017

"There is a touch of redemption when Jody McColman’s Butch Honeywell shares the story of his downfall with the defeated Judas. McColman’s lovely monologue balances with the show’s opening — it is a wrenching story of loss."

    ~ David Greenham, - April 1, 2017


"Best all-around pieces on the bill include A Long Time Coming; written by Jody McColman ... it’s an evocative, painful mediation on friendship and loss."

     ~Lovell Estell III,, 2016

"Another favorite one-act of mine was 'A Long Time Coming,' written by Jody McColman ... [I]t tells the story of a woman looking back on a short-lived but very memorable friendship and the impact it had on her life. This was another story that felt very relatable, and the heartbreaking final reveal is sad enough to inspire anyone to give their close friends a big hug."

     ~Erin Conley, On Stage Los Angeles, 2016

"I found A Long Time Coming by Jody McColman of Portland, Maine absorbing and emotionally satisfying."

     ~Grigware Reviews, 2016

"Schrodinger's Roulette (by Jody McColman of Portland, ME) keeps you in suspense until well after blackout.", June 30, 2016

"Jody McColman’s abstract but eloquent “A Long Time Coming,” ... covers a deep, extended friendship ... [with] performances that seemed effortless because each [actor] had so clearly worked into the hearts and souls of two well-developed characters. No florid acting or dramatic pyrotechnics, just a sense of watching real people facing real life. It was my favorite play of the evening.

     ~Philip Pearce, Performing Arts Monterey Bay,

       Jan. 8, 2017

"The sweet drama ‘God Speed, Apollo’ by Jody McColman ... is a highlight of the 2017 ‘8 Tens @ 8’ festival. "

     ~Joanne Engelhardt, Santa Cruz Sentinel,

       Jan. 11, 2017

"Sketch is an art. A way to rapidly interrogate and reflect on a theme with a rate of informational divulgence that keeps the audience in the process of learning the rules of a new world. The dish is still hot while you’re eating it. Sketch is wielded to the hilt in this standout show."

     ~Khalil LeSaldo,, June 17, 2018